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Vegan Vitality kindly sent me 2 months supply of their omega 3 capsules to try and review. I’ve been looking for a good omega 3 products and these sounded great and very high quality.

Most people associate omega 3 these days with horrible cod liver oil. But where does omega 3 actually come from? It comes from Algae. Fish eat the algae and that’s why everyone seems to associate it with fish.

So why not just cut out the middleman and get it straight from the source. Seems to make sense, be less gross, healthier and more environmentally friendly, with the same benefits. It’s a no-brainer really…

Benefits of Vegan Vitality Omega 3

  • PURER THAN FISH OIL: Algae oil doesn’t contain any hazardous substances like heavy metals, PCBs and dioxins.
  • 100% SUSTAINABLE: 25% of fish is used for the fish oil. This is completely unnecessary and unsustainable.
  • SAME BENEFITS AS REGULAR FISH OIL: WITHOUT THE FISH! Omega 3 benefits the heart, eyes, joints and brain.
  • 100% VEGAN: Grown in a 100% contamination free environment
  • 300mg DHA + 150mg EPA: More than you’ll find in other products.
  • NO FISHY SMELL! Doesn’t leave a nasty aftertaste.
  • SUPERIOR ALTERNATIVE: Omega 3 from Flax doesn’t transform into nutrients as easily.

I love Vegan Vitality and think the omega 3 capsules are great. I eat other sources of Omega 3 like chia and flax seeds but this makes sure I get enough and it’s a better source. (Common sources of plant oils containing Omega 3 include walnut, edible seeds, clary sage seed oil, flaxseed oil, Sacha Inchi oil, Echium oil, and hemp oil.)

I take these with my multivitamins every day to be as healthy as I possibly can. Obviously along with a healthy diet and exercise. They are not a food substitute by any means.

Check Out Vegan Vitality! 

Instagram: @vegan_vitality   Twitter: @VeganVitalityUK

*I believe in full transparency so wanted to let you guys know I received free product in return for a review but this in no way biases my opinion of the brand. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you check them out.

Let me know what you think in the comments or tweet me @veganbabelife

Thanks for reading!

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14 thoughts on “Vegan Vitality Omega 3

  1. Great review 🙂 They contacted me but since I don’t vegan lifestyle I suggested contacting you… I prob should take omegas too as I just take the H&B vegan multivitamin and take flax on my cereal…

    1. Yes! Thank you so much for that! I really appreciate it. I meant to message you and thank you. Yeah a better stronger source is always good. I really like these.

  2. Wow how did I have no idea where omega 3 actually comes from?! I always thought it’d be so difficult to find a vegan omega 3 supplement!
    jenny x |

    1. A lot of people think that’s because cod liver oil etc is always shoved in your face. Everything good comes from plants 😊 From what I’ve researched it’s the best from algae. You can get it from seeds and other sources but it’s the best quality when it comes from algae.

  3. This is amazing! I agree that it is a no-brainer to cut out the fish from these nutrients! I will definitely have to look into these, thanks xx

    1. It totally is! I don’t know why we have to make everything gross. Who wants to ingest some gross fish oil when you can get it straight from the source. People are dumb ha. My auntie used to make me take cod liver oil.. horrid stuff.

  4. I need this product! I have recently developed an allergy to heavy metals, so have to avoid them at all costs! I also love the fact that they have no odor.😍❤️✌🏻

    1. Yeah I find that natural omega 3 products just aren’t advertised and that’s crazy! Oh that sucks. Well it’s not great for our insides anyway and being vegan helps that a great deal.

    1. I always find the good vitamins ha I’m obsessed! I find it so weird that we even have gross cod liver oil. My auntie used to make me take it 😷

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