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Vegan Memes Of The Week

Vegan Memes Of The Week
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Vegan Memes Of The Week

This is just a short, fun post because who doesn’t?like memes. And believe it or not…?vegans DO have a sense of humour! Here’s a round-up?of my favs this week:
Vegan Memes Of The Week
Always good to bring someone else into the fold.
Vegan Memes Of The Week
Pineapple on pizza is the best!

Vegan Memes Of The Week
Always. Yes! ??
Vegan Memes Of The Week
What is it with carnivores and damn protein ha! I get plenty thank you.
Vegan Memes Of The Week
Feeling smug as hell. BEST.FEELING.EVER!
Vegan Memes Of The Week
This picture actually makes me cringe a little. Which is crazy!

Hope you enjoyed the memes guys.

Let me know what you think in the comments or tweet?me?@veganbabelife

Thanks for reading!

Vegan Memes Of The Week

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(13) Comments

  1. itsacrazycatladything says:

    Love fresh pineapple in a green smoothie and can so relate to all the memes.

    1. veganbabelife says:

      It’s lovely isn’t it. I’m a crazy pineapple lady.. love it! It’s great to find like minds as well ?

  2. Billie - Paige says:

    So funny! I’ve recently turned vegetarian but I’ve always opted for pineapple on pizza ? xx

    1. veganbabelife says:

      Oh wow that’s great! Proud of you! ?The animals love you for it ?Yess it’s so good! I’m a big pineapple fan and use it for so many things. Had it in fried rice last night. ?xx

      1. Billie - Paige says:

        Yeah it’s not been long like a week but I don’t feel bloated as much and I feel better for it. I just need to start trying new recipes!! See, I wouldn’t have even thought to do that! Sounds yummy! Xx

        1. veganbabelife says:

          That’s great! Well if you ever need recipes or ideas hit me up! That’s the fun part! I love now as a vegan looking in supermarkets at all the packaging and finding new things I can eat and trying new recipes. That’s really fun to me ha! Such a loser.. ??You do start thinking outside the box trust me. I’ll be putting up a recipe for it so keep your eyes peeled. Fresh pineapple is so cheap and you get so much fruit out of it.. you can use it for meals and I love putting it with greens like spinach to make smoothies. It sweetens it naturally and doesn’t make a green smoothie gross like people think. Xx

          1. Billie - Paige says:

            I might have to take you up on that offer! Definitely spy your instagram already, you seem to have some lovely meals on there! Oh you are not a loser! Im the same! I found out I could still have a pot noodle the other day and was buzzing! ? thank you so much! You’re so lovely! I’ll keep my eyes out ? xx

          2. veganbabelife says:

            Of course. I’m always around if you want to message on any of social media Hun ?Aww that’s so sweet of you. I make up a lot of things myself tbh.. little bit obsessed with food. Had a naughty day today as it was Saturday and had vegan pulled pork burgers and potato wedges. I may be vegan but I still love burgers ha! Aww thanks. Ha it’s funny isn’t it. I’m looking chuffed eating some choc chip hobnobs atm. Only just discovered they’re vegan! ?Aww that’s so nice. You’ve made my day.. ???xxx

          3. Billie - Paige says:

            That’s the hardest thing for me, my go to meal is a burger especially McDonald’s but I had a veggie burger from there and loved it! I’ve not always been great at trying new thins but I want to expand my comfort zone! Awww bless you! Well you enjoy them lovely! Anytime ? xxx

          4. veganbabelife says:

            That was hard for me as well and it took me months to adjust. I had a few sneaky burgers in the beginning.. I’m not gonna lie. It’s hard to go cold turkey. But I gave up smoking and drinking so I knew I could do it if I put my mind to it. There’s so many amazing meal alternatives and I’ve made it my mission to try as many vegan meats and cheeses as I can ha! I highly recommend Linda McCartney’s pulled pork burgers and mozzarella 1/4lb burgers ?I’m lucky that I’ve never been afraid of trying things.. even as a child. I think you’ll get better with it.. and I think with veggie foods you’ve got less to be afraid of. A lot of things involving meat like haggis and pates are gross.. I’ve always thought so. Veggie stuff doesn’t have that kind of gross stuff with all kinds of body parts like kidneys etc. Yuck! ? it’s a very naughty late night snack but it is the weekend and I’ve been super good lately. ?xxxx

  3. Zoe says:

    Yeess for pineapple pizza!!

    1. veganbabelife says:

      I love pineapple in general! But it’s great on pizza, specially if you’re veggie/vegan.. ?

      1. Zoe says:


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