Tom Oliver Nutrition Protein Bars

Tom Oliver kindly sent me like a million protein bars to try, it was like Christmas. I’m a big fan of protein powders and bars and try to sample as many different ones as I can.


These bars are not only clean but high protein, low in sugar, low cal and taste good too.  They come in in a range of flavours including: Chocolate Caramel, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Orange and Chocolate Raspberry.

No irradiation. No synthetic enhances or preservatives.  No complicated formulations.  All naturally derived. All backed by science.


When it comes to vegan protein some get it right and some get it very very wrong.  Some protein products taste awful and really live up to the whole vegan food is gross opinion, not true of these bars though. They smell incredible! And while not overly sweet.. I like the taste.

I love that the products are handmade and a good size too. A lot of protein/snack bars are small and don’t fill you up in any way, it’s like eating air. The bars are substantial in size and will definitely keep you going after your workout.


The packaging is beautiful and it’s very clear that these are a product aimed at vegans but of course are suitable for everyone. 

Don’t let the vegan label put you off, they’re suitable for everyone (unless you have a gluten or soy allergy though, sorry!).

I also like the attitude and ethos of the company as a whole towards health and nutrition. Some people are baffled by products like this and the fact that they’re aimed towards vegans. It makes our lives much easier having something clearly promoted as vegan, and we like that.

Our aim is simple. We want everyone to feel great – Physically and Mentally. That’s it.

The bars only launched in February this year, are being sold in several countries and are already selling like hot cakes.


You can find Tom Oliver products all over the world but here in the UK, you can get them at Holland & Barrett. For a full list of Tom Oliver stockists click here.



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*I believe in full transparency so wanted to let you guys know I received free product in return for a review but this in no way biases my opinion of the brand. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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12 thoughts on “Tom Oliver Nutrition Protein Bars

    1. Ha same! Me and Tom had this interesting debate type thing with this older guy who clearly wasn’t vegan. He was just picking at the packaging and the fact that it had the word vegan on it.. I was being all polite and diplomatic but Tom wasn’t having any of his nonsense. Was so funny.
      They’re great I do love them. I know these kinds of products aren’t for everyone though..

    1. I haven’t tried their bars.. but I know they’re good in general. Oh wow really? I’ll definitely have to try it.

    1. No they don’t have a powdery taste at all. Which I love! I should add that in.

    1. They’re good to have aren’t they. I always take one of these in my bag just in case and some water. Always good in a pinch. You never know when you might get hungry.. you could get stuck in an elevator for hours or something ha

    1. Oh do you! Yeah same. My house is always full of stuff like this. I love that every flavour has chocolate in 🤣👌🏻

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