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The Vegan Larder Deluxe March Box

The Vegan Larder Deluxe March Box
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The Vegan Larder Deluxe March Box

I’ve been a fan of the vegan larder for quite some time and was happy to work them and review one of their boxes. I’ve had some of their boxes before so knew what kind of things to expect and knew I would love it.

The boxes always include some cooking ingredients as well as snacks. It gets you experimenting and trying new things in the kitchen which I really love. You always find some big brand names that you know and some smaller companies who make things in small batches, another plus for me.

The boxes usually have a loose theme too depending on the time of year (this box had eggs because it’s easter).

Contents: The box includes snacks and some cooking ingredients. Some well known brands as well as smaller ones.

The Vegan Larder Deluxe March Box
  • Hoisin Sauce by The Garlic Farm
  • Steenberg Herby Lemon Stuffing
  • Beetroot & Horseradish Relish by Gingerbeard Preserves
  • Creative Nature Brownie Mix
  • Vegan Cream Eggs
  • Boundless Activated Nuts & Seeds
  • Lime, Chili and Ginger Energy Bar by Hala Bar
  • Nim’s Beetroot and Pineapple Crisps

You can check out the contents in more detail by The Vegan Larder girls here.

I loved this box because most of it were things I hadn’t tried before. I eat a lot of food so that NEVER happens. I love to experiment in the kitchen and create recipes and try new foods so if you’re the same then you’ll love the vegan larder boxes too.

The boxes make lovely gifts too for vegans or those wanting to try the lifestyle. I love that they come as subscriptions and gift boxes too so you don’t have to be tied into a subscription if you don’t want to. They also have gluten-free options so they really do cater to everyone.

If you got this box and wanted to try the hoisin sauce in something yummy you should check out this tasty recipe for crispy oumph hoisin tacos.

The Vegan Larder Deluxe March Box
Image: The Vegan Larder

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*I received free products but this in no way biases my opinion of the brand. This is an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you check them out.

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Thanks for reading!

The Vegan Larder Deluxe March Box

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