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The Moshimo Vegan Challenge ’19

The Moshimo Vegan Challenge '19
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The Moshimo Vegan Challenge ’19

Hosted every year Moshimo brings the greatest culinary minds in Brighton under one roof to compete for the winning dish as judged by its customers.

Each contestant makes 1 Japanese inspired dish that’s 100 vegan and 100% delicious. They try to make the food as appealing as possible to the eye and the tastebuds as they are judged by both those criteria.

Moshimo is continuously looking to increase the vegan options on its menu, and in 2018 launched 50% Vegan VVednesdays, where all plant-based food is discounted by 50% for Moshimo Members (25% for non-Members).

Eco Mission

They also became known their work in fish sustainability due to the high profile Fishlove campaign, a series of photographs featuring naked celebrities with fish which became one of the most successful campaigns ever to end over-fishing.

Scientists believe that the world’s oceans will be without fish by the middle of this century if fishing methods do not change substantially.

Methods for catching fish remains unsustainable, so we’re keen to conserve fish stocks for future generations. One of the ways we can do this is to increase plant-based food and decrease the amount of animal protein on our plate.

Karl Jones – Moshimo Co Founder

Vegan Challenge Leg 2

I was honoured to be invited to the 2nd part of this event that has been hosted by the restaurant for 10 years. It has become one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the Brighton calendar for vegans and vegetarians alike.

The event used to be hosted 1 night a year but is now split into 3 separate events so more dishes can be tasted and more people don’t miss out on this hugely popular event. The last leg will be hosted on Thursday 23rd May and will bring the competition to a close for another year. You can book here.

We judged 8 dishes made by the chefs from Purezza, Moshimo, Cantina, The Urchin, Cashew Catering, The Kari Club, Vbites and others. With Cantina taking home the glory this round and Purezza a close second the others need to step up their game next time if they want to win.

All the food was so delicious and beautifully presented on colourful plates. I thought I was pretty good at guessing who made what but when it was revealed at the end I wasn’t even close!

Only one dish got a 10 for me and a lot received 8’s because I’m a pretty tough critic. All the dishes were great though and each more different from the last.

The Food

1. Spicy couscous rice, wrapped in marinated cucumber with tahini spinach and sweet potato crisps.

2. sesame and seaweed cracker, fermented cashew, smoked carrot, pineapple kimchi with sweet potato & aubergine croquette & miso aubergine.

3. Black sesame miso crackers served with wasabi & ginger cashew cheese, umeboshi & nori cashew cheese, and sweet chilli cashew cheese.

4. Breaded udon tempura with tempeh mince meat and peas with a cheese béchamel finished with Tamari Caviar, smoked paprika coral and a lightly spiced cream. 

5. Fish-ish nigiri, crabmeat maki with handmade citrus wasabi mayo..

6. Battered sushi.

7. Butternut and tapioca tikki with smoked crushed aubergine, roasted melon seed and mushroom sauce.

8. Tempura fried banana blossom with edamame & toasted sesame salad with citrus gel.

Great Vegan Challenge Accepted

If you fancy doing something different and enjoying some fine food without the crazy price tag this is a great way to do that. All the the dishes are small but surprisingly filling once you’ve had 8 plates. They also offer sushi and other dishes that Moshimo serve between the courses so you’ll never leave hungry.

The last dish I really loved. I like that it was a japanese twist on a british classic. Awesome work by the Urchin I believe. I would definitely eat this again on a bigger scale. So yummy.

Show Them Some Love

Thank you so much for having me Moshimo. It was a wonderful evening and it’s always a pleasure to visit you. See you again soon!

Go check out one of my absolute favourite restaurants Moshimo and make sure to book for the final part of the challenge. Tickets go fast! Once again you can book here if you’re interested (members get a little discount on tickets too. BONUS!).

*I received a ticket in return for coverage of the event, which in no way biases my opinion of the brand. This is an honest review and account, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you go check them out.

Let me know what you think in the comments or tweet me @veganbabelife

Thanks for reading!

The Moshimo Vegan Challenge '19

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