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The General Election 2017

The General Election 2017
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The General Election 2017

I’ve just done my part & voted in the election this morning. I was shocked at how many millions are registered to vote vs people who aren’t likely to vote today. This country is very scared and not In a good state. We have been a broken mess for quite some time and the end doesn’t seem like it’s in sight, what’s new. I know it’s tough but all we can do is research as much as possible and make the best decision we can. That starts with actually getting down to the polls today by 10pm and making the best choice you can. Trust your instincts if nothing else. A?vote is better than no vote at all. The General Election 2017

Who I voted for and why

I voted Labour today because I feel like that was the best choice but I’m not naive enough to think that they’ll be able to do everything they’d like to do ( that can be said of any party/candidate) but the want and intentions are there though and they will try their damndest for us. Jeremy isn’t like a politician and that’s what a lot of people like about him. People forget that at the end of the day he is a man, like any other, made with flesh and blood and not some false idol who claims to turn water into wine. He is a man of the people who knows the working class struggles, the hardship of students, the delicate situation of Brexit and the difficulties we currently face.
  • He is about peace, NOT war.
  • About protection, without being invasive.
  • About change & a better future for everyone.
  • For the many, not the few.
The General Election 2017
Click image for metro article by Nicole Morley
Like many others, I think of the inspirational women who fought for equality for women. I think of Emily Davison and her bravery, how she died 104 years ago today. She and many others are inspirations to us all.. honour her & them today by voting.


dedicate this post to you, Emily, ?may we all do you proud today.

The General Election 2017
11th Oct 1872 – 8th June 1913

Hope you all got down to polls, as is your right. It wasn’t always and we must never forget those who fought for that.

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