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The Nut Shack kindly sent me their range of flavoured nuts to try. I love snacks & nuts so was excited to try these.  Back when I would actually go to pubs I would always order nuts & crisps because snacks are life.

The Nut Shack is a family run business based in Paisley, Scotland (formerly based in East Midlands). We are a snack producer that likes to deviate from the mainstream flavour combinations and instead specialise in making uniquely flavoured products.

So there are 5 flavours to choose from, most are spicy ones. Bacon, Scotch Bonnet, Habanero & Garlic, Cajun and Piri Piri. Bacon and Cajun are my favourites. They’re available in 3 different sizes 60g, 250g & 1kg.

We believe our core range of 5 fantastic flavours delivers on all fronts and with 3 different sized bags, there is an option to suit all occasions.

The flavours and my verdict

“The one that started it all.  With hundreds of kilos sold since we created this flavour, it’s pretty safe to say the flavour works.”

Bacon are sooo good and I love finding vegan things that are bacon flavoured or a substitute. These are so moreish and I’ll definitely be buying more of these. If you don’t like spice but love flavour then these are perfect for you. 10/10


“After the success of our Habanero & Garlic flavour, we developed these.  They come in at up to 400,000 Scoville units and are very hot but still have a great, deep almost fruity flavour profile. Have a beer handy when trying these.”

Most people know that Scotch Bonnet chillies are hot. I found a few of the others spicy so knew these would be too spicy for me. I struggled to eat these because of the heat but they were nice. 3/10


“Peanuts blended with a traditional Cajun recipe with deep spice flavour with a herby finish.”

I like a bit of spice so I thought these were really good. Not too hot but just the right amount. These went down a little too easily and didn’t stick around for long. 9/10


“These peanuts are blended with basil, onion and a pinch of cayenne and chilli.  They are low on heat and high on flavour, a balanced well rounded snack.”

These naturally made me think of Nandos so I knew they would be spicy too. They were spicy but nice. Maybe just don’t eat the whole packet in one go and have a cold drink handy ha. 10/10


“This blend of Habanero chilli and garlic has been one of our top sellers.  These were our very first hot nuts and come in at around the 350,000 Scoville mark and are not for the faint-hearted.”

I didn’t expect these to be as hot as they were because of the garlic I suppose.. but again Habanero is spicy. Spicy but a really lovely flavour. I enjoyed them a lot. 8/10


The Nut Shack & their products definitely don’t disappoint. The products are vegan & packed full of flavour.  Prices start from £1.75 and the Mini Mixed Box (which I received) contains 5 mixed bags for only £8.50 with FREE DELIVERY. Go check them out & support a small business!



*I received free products but this in no way biases my opinion of the brand. This is an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


I hope you enjoyed this post and that you check them out!

Let me know what you think in the comments or  me  @veganbabelife

Thanks for reading!

38 thoughts on “Review: The Nut Shack

  1. Ooh yay you tried them too!! How yummy! 😀 Totally agree with you on the bacon ones, I couldn’t stop eating them! The bacon, cajun and piri piri ones go so well sprinkled onto a burger 😉 x

    1. I did quite a while ago but I’ve been so busy that I only just posted. Plus everyone was reviewing so was good to wait a while I think so they wouldn’t all be at the same time. Sooo good! Can’t wait to get more! X

    1. Ha ikr! I’m hoping because of that that people will order. They’re so good & a great price so what’s not to love. I need the bacon ones in my life 😍😋xx

  2. I am obsessed with snacking and love nuts so I would love to try these. They’re based so local to me as well but I hadn’t heard of them before! I’m not a fan of spicy things at all – I think the bacon ones sound best for me!
    Claire xo

    1. Oh wow small world! Crazy isn’t it. Yeah I’m with you there.. the bacon ones are really nice. A great snack 😋Thanks for reading Claire! Xx

    1. They’re great. I love that they’re really affordable too so if you don’t like them it’s not a big loss. It’s good to try new things 😊Thanks for reading & checking them out Eena 💗💚

  3. I love the sound of these! Nuts are one of my favourite snacks so getting alternative flavour options is always great. I really love spicy food too (and bacon Pringles…) so a lot of these flavours sound really appealing to me. Great review, I really like how you broke it down flavour by flavour x


    1. They’re really good! You should give them a whirl. I’ll definitely be ordering more. They sound perfect for you then. Aww thank you. I wasn’t sure if it was too much but people seem to like that it’s broken down. Because of the spice I thought it would be helpful for people. I try to make my reviews comprehensive but not too long & boring. X

  4. I love how you gave a review of each individual flavor, Siobhan! Your descriptions and the cute packaging make me want to eat these now, haha.

    1. I hoped it wouldn’t be too much and I felt like it needed that because of the spice. A lot of people have said it’s helpful so I hope people will buy and bear that in mind. Me too! They’re all gone 😭Need to stock up on my fav bacon ones. X

  5. I feel like the bacon & cajun flavors would be so good on salads!! Jealous but don’t think ill be shipping nuts across the pond haha. xx

    1. Yeah you could use them for many things. I’m just a pig and scoffed the lot rather quickly. Nuts/snacks never last too long in my house.
      Ha yeah I don’t blame you. I’m sure you’d got great companies there. Xx

  6. It’s pretty cool that you got to try out some goodies from The Nut Shack. Family-run businesses are the best. I feel like they put more care into their products. I would totally love the bacon flavor. Oh man, sorry that the scotch bonnet wasn’t all that great. At least the rest of the packs were delish!

    1. Yeah it’s something that I get to do a lot which is awesome. I love working with smaller businesses more than the big brands but love it all. They put a lot of care into the products and it means a lot to them. It was only because I couldn’t take the heat but I’m sure loads of people love them. They were! Totally recommend x

    1. They’re so good! Totally recommend. Yeah I felt a bit rubbish with these too. But the bacon ones are amazing and I’ll definitely be getting more. For the price you can’t go wrong either 😋x

    1. I do too. Just not too much.. I find I can handle it more in dinners but in these it’s like concentrated flavour that hits you more. They’re really good though 😋And so cheap!

    1. Thanks! I love cashews and pecans but they tend to be more pricey. Flavoured peanuts are a great snack 😋

    1. They’re so nice. Nuts always make me think of pubs and beer. I’m not too bad on spice but somehow in these it gets to me. The less spicy choices I definitely recommend

    1. Yeah they sound perfect for you then. Ha I couldn’t agree more. I love me some nibbles. 😋x

    1. Yeah I’m a huge lover of snacks so if you put these in bowls for movie nights or at parties it would be good. He should definitely check them out! I love the price of them and like to promote small businesses and specially ones that are so affordable too.

  7. Oooh I absolutely love nuts, especially as a beverage accompaniment! I don’t think there’s ever a flavour I’ve tried that I haven’t liked but I’m not a spice lover so I’m pretty sure my reviews of them would be pretty damn similar to yours! The bacon ones sound super gorgeous, I’ll be keeping my eye out for these!
    Alice Xx

    1. Thanks for reading Alice! I’m exactly the same. I totally associate them with pubs and beer. I don’t drink anymore but I bet they would be nice with some beer and other snacks of an evening. They’re vegan & a great price so I definitely recommend! They’re good with discounts and free shipping too I find.

  8. Yum! Nuts are one of my favourite snacks! All the flavours are so interesting and unique! I don’t often like spicy foods but I’d definitely be willing to give these flavours a go!

    1. Mine too! I must get them again and instead of just scoffing them get some other snacks for a movie night. Yeah some of these definitely bring the heat so I felt it was important to highlight that so people could buy what they thought they could handle. That’s why I like the bacon ones so much because you don’t have to worry about spice and the flavour isn’t fake and overpowering

    1. They’re so good! And a great price so it’s a win win. I often find you pay more for products from small businesses so I like that these are a low cost product that all my readers could afford. Plus they’re bloody lovely. The bacon ones are seriously good! 👌🏻🥓🥜

    1. They’re so good Amie! You have to try them. The bacon ones are everything. I could do with these to munch on rn while watching a film.

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