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Review: Purezza’s Festive Menu ’17

Review: Purezza's Festive Menu '17
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Review: Purezza’s Festive Menu ’17

Christmas is just a few days away and only last week I discovered that my favourite pizza place, Purezza was doing a Christmas roast pizza! OMFG! A British FESTIVE twist on an Italian calzone. I had to have it before it was gone forever. Or more likely until next year when I could stuff myself with Christmas food once more. After all is there any better food than Christmas food? Everything is shaped like Christmas trees and decorated so nicely, you just don’t get those little flourishes for the other 11 months of the year. I had planned to go in at lunchtime but I never have dinner out in the evening anymore so I thought sod it, its Friday night and I’m taking myself on a date to Purezza. After some very stressful trailing round shops for an elusive finger monkey, I made my final stop at pizza heaven.


It’s Friday night so tables were mostly full but they had a perfect little table just for moi. I already knew what I wanted so ordered my pizza quickly. It felt like I had just taken off my jacket and my pizza was being brought out to me already! (In all its festive glory). The first impression was wow! In the pictures I’ve seen it looked half the size and far less impressive.
Review: Purezza's Festive Menu '17
The Christmas Calzone: Roast potatoes, courgettes, Sgaia’s PastraMheat, cheese, stuffing, rosemary, cranberry sauce, gravy
The dough was perfect as always, it was perfectly cooked. So many flavours and textures inside but all come through nicely. The Sgaia mheat and cheese compliment each other so well and I love the addition of the cranberry, potatoes and stuffing like an authentic roast. It is the perfect meaty, cheesy, carby, comfort food of dreams. I would’ve liked the cranberry to be sweeter as I enjoy the contrast but everything about it is perfect and why I love Purezza’s food and creativity.


I’ve been to Purezza many times before so took no time in ordering my favourite dessert to finish, their raw tiramisu. This time when I ordered the waitress told me about their festive special, a raw kind of mince pie. I love trying new things so I decided to try that instead. And I’m so glad I did! Not only was it stunning to look at but the taste was so incredible – like eating Christmas. The pastry case was very well made, light and it melted in your mouth. The apple cinnamon filling wasn’t stodgy and overcooked, it was very fresh and had a nice subtle crunch to it. I absolutely love everything about this dessert from the cinnamon apple filling to the pastry case, to the cashew cream. The dessert was so lovely that I purchased another to take home with me. I could’ve eaten 10 of them!
Review: Purezza's Festive Menu '17
They’re always happy to wrap up leftovers & do takeaway orders.
The service is always top notch too. The restaurant has a lovely atmosphere and the staff are so attentive and accommodating. Check out my full?review of my recent visit there with friends or my top places to eat in Brighton
There’s still time to try their festive specials before the year is out so pop down to Purezza & try them. They are well worth the trip! Review: Purezza's Festive Menu '17

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