Here is a list of good films that spread the vegan message and where to buy/watch them. Whether you’re a vegan who enjoys a good doc or you’re considering making the switch and loving your fellow pig/cow/chicken.

We’ve seen the successes of What The Health and Okja – most people have seen those but you may not have watched some of these.

  1. Cowspiracy – You can watch on Netflix or buy the book online.
  2. What The Health – Watch on Netflix or rent/buy from Amazon.
  3. Earthlings – You can purchase “Earthlings” online.
  4. Forks Over Knives – Watch on Netflix or buy/rent from Amazon.
  5. Maximum Tolerated Dose – You can watch buy this online.
  6. Live And Let Live
  7. Called To Rescue – You can watch online or rent/buy it on Amazon.
  8. The Ghosts In Our Machine – You can buy or rent this film online.
  9. Eating Animals – You can buy the film online.
  10. The Game Changers – Release dates tbc – Game Changers website
  11. Dominion – You can watch “Dominion” for free on its website.
  12. Lucent – You can watch this film for free online.
  13. The Cove – You can watch the documentary online.
  14. Vegan: Everyday Stories – You can watch on its website.
  15. Vegucated – You can rent or buy this documentary online.
  16. Before The Flood – Watch this film on Netflix or rent/buy on Amazon.
  17. A Prayer For Compassion – For more info about this film, see here.
  18. 73 Cows – You can watch “73 Cows” online.
  19. H.O.P.E. What You Eat Matters – You can watch on Amazon. (US)
  20. Eating You Alive – You can watch this film on Amazon.
  21. Blackfish – You can watch on Netflix or Amazon.
  22. Running For Good – Watch via Amazon or on the film’s website.
  23. Empathy – You can watch “Empathy” online.
  24. The Invisible Vegan – You can watch this film on Amazon. (US)
  25. The End Of Meat – You can watch this film via Amazon.
  26. Free Solo – Can be purchased from Amazon.
  27. The Last Pig – Available to buy later this year via its website.
  28. Diet Fiction – You can buy/watch “Diet Fiction” online.
  29. The Big Fat Lie – You can watch “The Big Fat Lie” online.
  30. Slice Of Life – The film is in post-production. Release date tbc.
  31. Racing Extinction – You can buy or rent this film from Amazon.
  32. Food, Inc. – You can buy or rent “Food, Inc.” on Amazon.
  33. The Animals Film – You can purchase on its website.
  34. Meet Your Meat – You can watch free online or purchase on Amazon.
  35. A Fall From Freedom – You can watch/buy it online.
  36. Fat, Sick, And Nearly Dead – You can watch it for free online.
  37. Meathooked And End Of Water – You can watch for free it online.

I’ll be updating this list regularly but if there’s any I’ve missed write them in the comments including where to watch etc if known.

*This post may contain affiliate links to help me keep running this site. You’re free to use them or not 🙂

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