I attended Just V Show in July and met lots of really great brands, one of which was Cerascreen. I sat down and had a chat with them and they were keen to build a relationship.

“Cerascreen® offer health diagnosis, advice and care from a single source, conveniently and quickly from the comfort of your own home. Thanks to a simple blood return test, an exact result is determined by our laboratory from just a few drops of blood. Utilising the data from a supplementary questionnaire coupled with the experience of 10 years, cerascreen® draws up a results report that is individually adapted to each customer, providing important information & personalised recommendations to improve your health.”

They gave me 3 home tests to try which seemed like a good fit for my vegan lifestyle. I love this article regarding veganism & the importance of checking your B12 >> cerascreen.co.uk/vegans-vitamin-b12


  • Food Reaction Test – The cerascreen Food Reaction Test is a food intolerance and food allergy test, which can be used to determine the many causes of intolerances and allergies. Find out quickly and easily what foods you can tolerate and what foods you cannot.
  • Vitamin D Test – The test serves for determining the concentration of vitamin B12 if a vitamin B12 deficiency is suspected and for monitoring holotranscobalamin vitamin 12.
  • Vitamin B12 Test – The test is used to determine the concentration of vitamin D if a vitamin D deficiency is suspected and for monitoring the 25-OH vitamin D. 

The tests were really easy to do and I love that I didnt have to fill out food diaries for weeks, wait on my gp and that I could do it all quickly at home.


Here’s a great video I found on YouTube by PastelPix showing you how to do the test

You can check out the Cerascreen labs in Germany & see what they do with your sample/s

My results


*This is just one page of a detailed pdf you’ll receive for each test


I loved these tests, they were easy, convenient and really informative. They’ve shown me that im not absorbing the vitamins I ingest through food or vits I take, so that needs investigating. (I’ll be speaking to my GP about that). I think im gonna try some of the other tests as I feel like I need a complete work up.

If you guys want to try the tests Cerascreen have given me a discount code for you all. Use code VEGANBABELIFE10 for 10% off your purchase.

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