California Prune Blogging Event 7.7.17

I was over the moon when California Prune invited me to my first official blogging event last Friday, It was at a big event in London so it was a really big deal to me and I was soo excited! The event took place at Kensington Olympia as part of Just V Show, Love Natural Love You and The Allergy & Free From Show.

The Blogging Event was an exclusive opportunity for bloggers to meet the CP Brand Ambassadors and nutritionists, get tips on how Prunes can support a healthy lifestyle, sample new recipes, a free goodie bag and a Q&A session with the CP Ambassador chefs.

Rosemary Shrager, Peter Sidwell, Peter CookDanielle Davey.

I really loved all the invaluable tips from the chefs & watching them be silly on stage. Rosemary & Peter Sidwell are great to watch cook together, are really entertaining & informative. I loved watching Peter give great tips about his amazing bread and it was great talking with Danielle as she’s almost my age & very into health like I am.

The vegan-friendly food I tried was the gorgeous sourdough bread & Chelsea buns. Who knew how amazing they could be by adding prunes! A revelation! Take a look at this video of Artisan baker Peter giving you some great tips on adding fruit to bread.


*California Prunes were doing live cooking demonstrations and showing you how to make delicious veggie, vegan and meat reduced meals all day at Just V Show.

Here’s Fridays schedule in case you missed it:

11:15 – 11:45 | Teatime treat with Peter Cook
(Award-winning baker & Founder of Peter Cooks Bread)


12:15 – 12:45 | Gastro lunch with Peter Sidwell
(Chef, Baker, Author & Founder of Simply Good Food TV)


13:15 – 13:45 | Real bread with a twist with Peter Cook
(Award-winning baker & Founder of Peter Cooks Bread)


14:15 – 14:45 | Sophisticated suppers with Rosemary Shrager (TV chef with haute cuisine experience & also runs her own Cookery School) & Danielle Davey (Apprentice chef at Rosemary Shrager Cookery School)

15:15 – 15:45 | Blissful Baking with Peter Sidwell
(Chef, Baker, Author & Founder of Simply Good Food TV)


16:00 – 16:45 |The California Prune Blogger Event
Private Event – invitation only
Watch my Facebook live of the event here


Let’s talk about Prunes for a minute…

What are they? They’re a type of dried plum. A “superfood”


Health benefits

Great for digestive health
High in fibre
Good for bone health
Fat free
Good for your heart
Source of copper
High in potassium
A source of manganese & copper
Are high in vitamin K
Are a source of vitamin B6
Great for skin/hair

Check out California Prunes’ amazing healthy recipes here to start your Prune Love today!


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“I loved working with California Prunes & hope to continue working with them. They’re a great brand to work with & I definitely would recommend them to any food blogger/influencer. I also really love their products!”

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