Adams Cooks Everything

I came across the channel Adam Cooks Everything on YouTube. The videos are short, easy to follow and entertaining to boot.


Now I may be a Vegan but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate great chefs and youtube channels that aren’t vegan. But before you call me a hypocrite… Adam is not only lactose intolerant but he gives substitutes for dairy products. (VEGANS REJOICE!) He also does a gluten free recipe every week which is awesome! I know a few people who can’t eat gluten so I like that he caters to everyone.

Here are his Gluten Free recipes

Adam is so fun to watch and doesn’t just say you add this and cook that for 10 minutes.. he puts on a show and makes the whole thing far from mundane. He’d definitely be a right laugh to cook with & be totally chill if you accidentally burnt something.

This is my favourite VEGAN-FRIENDLY video of his:

Don’t ask me what a fiddlehead is.. I HAVE NO IDEA! Luckily he said you can sub asparagus. I will definitely be trying this recipe out, it looks soo good!

So if Disney Frozen cocktails, one pot spaghetti, gross soda challenges & candy cane hot choc (to name a few) sound up your street then check him out on social media or on his website

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