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BeFries: Authentic Belgian Fries

BeFries: Authentic Belgian Fries
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BeFries: Authentic Belgian Fries

Last month I visited the amazing Befries & was not disappointed. BeFries has become very popular in its first year and is an award-winning, family business. Two brothers Dashal & Chan spent a lot of time in Amsterdam and loved the food there, they dreamt of opening their own fry shop and have now made it a reality. It was nice to sit down with Co-Owner Dash and do like a mini interview. We talked Belgium, veganism, and ingredients. I like to get in the kitchen myself so it was cool to talk about what goes into the fry making process and about the many sauce combinations. Of course, he didn’t give away all their secrets but he was nice enough to share some details with me. I think its great that the family is very hands-on with the business, pay the living wage, support charities and work closely with other local businesses. 

My Visit

From the minute you get there to the moment you leave the staff make you feel at home and give you personal service that you just don’t get at other establishments. They have a special Belgian fryer, use specific potatoes and baskets to get that authentic European taste. There are holes for your fry cups and flower jars on the wall which look like something off Pinterest.  The fries were so delicious and hot. I loved all the sauces they gave me to sample but the satay, spicy tofu & sambal were my absolute favourites.  I’ve never had Looza before and picked these 2 flavours as they sounded nice. I totally recommend giving these tasty dutch drinks a try, they’re really good. I don’t drink but the beer I’m told is vegan also. Drinks are a must with the fries as you’ll probably burn your mouth inhaling them as they’re so moreish. BeFries: Authentic Belgian Fries


Snack Night

Fries are the main attraction but they have other items on the menu when they do their snack nights. None are Vegan as far as I know but I hope they will change this as I think they would be great & really popular with the Brighton vegan crowd and tourists. They’ve got a snack night coming up this month so keep an eye on their social media for dates and what they’ll be serving up.   I’m a big lover of fries and think I know what makes them great. If you want greasy, cold, over salted fries go to McDonald’s. If you want hot,  crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside,  authentic Belgian fries with a smorgasbord of dips then this is the place to go. They cater for all tastes and have great options for vegans. They’ve definitely got me hooked!  

Check out BeFries

BeFries: Authentic Belgian Fries BeFries: Authentic Belgian Fries   BeFries: Authentic Belgian Fries 

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