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Mean Girls Day! October 3rd

Mean Girls Day! October 3rd

Mean Girls Day! October 3rd

Most of you have watched the film Mean Girls & know the famous quote.
“On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was,” “It’s October 3rd.”
The teen comedy came out in 2004, but it’s still one of the most relevant and talked about films today. I’m always down to relive my favorite moments from the film by watching it again & again.   People all over the world are celebrating by wearing pink & watching mean girls. Even the cast get involved. #MeanGirlsDay

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Mean girls reunion x

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I absolutely loved Damien & Janice and really related to them both and loved their sense of humour. Damien had really good one-liners! And Janice ((Lizzy Caplan) is so fucking cool and gorgeous in rl! Love her! I can hardly believe its been this long since the film was released as I remember watching it for the first time and loving its depiction of high school and its “clicks”. Tina Fey is brilliant! Today everyone knows all the lines and can probably quote the movie off by heart, on Wednesdays we wear pink and love any new mg products that are released. The movie is even hitting broadway NEXT YEAR! >>
In spirit with Mean Girls Day, let’s check out some fun stuff! This quiz ” Who said it, Trump or Regina” is great. check out it out here & test your MG knowledge. Test your fandom? >>
  Have you seen the Spectrum Mean Girls Collection? ITS SO FETCH! Mean Girls Day! October 3rd   Get a discount today ONLY from the generous Spectrum    

Oh and remember tomorrow is Wednesday, which means one thing…

  Mean Girls Day! October 3rd

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