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Just V Show

This weekend Just V Show was on in London from Fri 7th – 9th July. I decided to travel down on Friday so I wouldn’t miss out on products, I could attend the California Prune blogging?event and because I figured it would be the quietest day.   Marketing_Support_Map_Trans-Just-V  

The journey felt very quick & if you manage to get a direct train to Clapham Junction?you can get on a train from there straight to Kensington?Olympia (Just over the road from the venue). It’s open from ?10am and I got there shortly after 10 to make sure I could see as much as possible and so I wouldn’t?miss out on the goodie bags available.

I saw a lot of brand names that are well known to me such as Violife, Linda McCartney, Trek, Clearspring, SGAIA Mheats & Rebel Kitchen. I tried to focus more on brands that I didn’t know as I like discovering new things & so I could help bring awareness to these small brands/businesses.?

  Just V Show   I really enjoyed talking and catching up with SGAIA Mheats, Sugar Wise, Isabel’s, Trek, Violife, Bfree, Cerascreen, Botonique, Tesco, California Prunes & Ecozone. I wish I had endless arms to carry things and more time so I could’ve?talked to everyone, but I did pretty well and managed to stop by most places. I got loads of amazing products to try out so look out for those over the coming weeks. I look forward to sharing how much I love them with you guys. I would like to thank everyone that was so?incredibly generous.   Photo 07-07-2017, 21 28 30   Just V show isn’t just for veggies/vegans.?If you’re interested in food, health, cruelty-free products or have an allergy then it’s a great place for you. It’s a great day out and has something for everyone.There’s plenty of samples, freebies, competitions, things to buy, stuff to see/do & things to eat/drink while you’re there as well.

SGAIA Mheats

I wasn’t?very hungry and had so much to do that I didn’t really stop from 10-5pm so I didn’t get to have a nice lunch from somewhere, but people had plenty of choice with places to sit down for a proper hot meal or just something to chow down on while you were walking around. SGAIA Mheats were lovely though and gave me one of their incredible sandwiches to eat when I got home..?they took pity on me not stopping all day and helped to sustain a rather tired blogger.  

Sugar Wise?(Indep cert body for free from/low sugar foods)

Photo 10-07-2017, 19 30 22 I learnt a lot about cooking and sugar in products which was really interesting. I talked?with Sugar Wise to educate myself on sugar and what’s true and not just rubbish the media is feeding us. I’ve thought for a while now that sugar-free/ no added sugar products are really bad for you but I was told by sugar wise that this is a common misconception. many studies have been done on the subject and we should be switching to sugar-free/no added sugar?products to help us cut down on sugar consumption. Visit their site here to read more about it and to find which products they’ve?given their certification to.?  

California Prunes blogging event

I loved watching the cooking demos and being able to speak to the chefs 1 on 1. Trying the yummy food they made like bread and buns was great too! I got a lot of useful tips from them and they were really entertaining to watch. All so nice & down to earth, they were happy to chat and answer questions.   All in all, I had an amazing day and wish I could’ve?gone for the whole weekend. Next year I will for sure! Met some amazing brands, tried some great food, got lots of freebies & got to talk to lots of people. It was very exhausting doing everything all in one day and carrying stuff around all day, I didn’t stop. I will be way more prepared next year. *Thank you so much again to California Prunes for having me, to Sgaia Mheats for giving me much needed fuel and to all the other amazing brands who gave me free products. I look forward to sampling and reviewing them, and look forward to seeing you all again! 🙂  

Hope you enjoyed reading about the event and I hope to see some of you next year.

Let me know what you think in the comments or me?Just V Show?@veganbabelife

Thanks for reading!

Just V Show  

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  1. acrushonlife says:

    My mouth is WATERING, all of this looks so good! Vegan options are a bit limited here in Brussels, but I’ve managed to eat plant based for two months and I feel so good. Delicious!


    1. Siobhan Gale says:

      They always have so much fantastic food at events. Sgaia are absolutely fantastic! They’re my fav mheat company. That’s so great! Well done you! There’s so many wonderful recipes out there and I share a few of my own here as well as ones I love from others. ???

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