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Higher Nature Event 6.12.17

Higher Nature Event 6.12.17
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Higher Nature Event 6.12.17

I was invited to the BozBoz Gallery in Brighton last Wednesday for a brand event and wasn’t sure what to expect as this was my first time meeting Higher Nature. Every brand does events differently and if it’s your first time an event they’re hosting then there’s always some mystery. The event was advertised as a party with beauty treatments, drinks & nibbles so I thought it would probably be nice and relaxed. Higher Nature Event 6.12.17 I wasn’t feeling my best that day but wasn’t going to let anxiety and depression get the better of me. So I put my best foot forward wearing a cute new dress, red lips, and some heeled boots. I never wear heels nowadays but wanted to dress up a little. I got loads of compliments on my outfit so I figure I can’t have looked that bad right? Sometimes we have to tell that silly voice in our heads to shut up and not be so horrible. I never think I look nice so I have to do that semi-regularly.. I arrived at the gallery and was instantly checked off the guest list and ushered inside. On first glance, the venue was small but quirky with its colourful art plastered across the walls. I was given a flute of elderflower (I don’t drink) allowing me to blend in seamlessly with everyone else drinking prosecco. I thought that was clever and I appreciated it a lot. Being the only vegan and t total guest I wasn’t sure how well prepared they would be for my lifestyle. I couldn’t eat any of the food as none was vegan, which was a real shame but not unexpected. Sharon (HN’s Head Of Marketing) and I were soon in the fun photo booth they had donning Christmas?props and funny faces. I liked that I was instantly made to feel so welcome and they spent so much time talking to me about their products. It can be daunting going to events alone so having fun things going and your hosts being so attentive really is everything. The night was really fun, relaxed and informative. I was given a full walk-through of all the products on display by a lovely vegan Nutritionist whose name I cannot remember.. I am rubbish with names! (sorry!) But it was great to not be the only vegan in the room. After health chats, funny photos, having my nails done and befriending some lovely bloggers it was soon time to go and I had no idea where the past 2 hours had gone.
Higher Nature Event 6.12.17
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At the end they gave us each a lovely goodie bag and asked what we would like in them. They generously gave me quite a few products and I?hope they didn’t?feel like I was just trying to get freebies. I just genuinely love the brand, the products and have huge enthusiasm for such a great company here in Sussex! Higher Nature Event 6.12.17

After the event

The day after they offered to send me more products, prizes and a discount for my followers. (Omg are you kidding me! This brand is beyond generous and wonderful!) So stay tuned for a review, prizes, and discounts! This brand is great and has so much stuff for vegans. I look forward to continuing the relationship and sharing their products with you!

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Higher Nature Event 6.12.17

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