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Finding The Latest Deals: Beauty

Finding The Latest Deals: Beauty
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Finding The Latest Deals: Beauty

Writers like me don’t tend to rolling in cash and try to be as frugal as possible. Finding the latest?deals on that eyeshadow palette you absolutely MUST HAVE because you don’t already have 10 just like it, is a task that requires having multiple tabs open and hours of research. I don’t relish the task either.

But if you can find an easier way where I’m not spending hours of my time that I won’t get back then I for one am all for it. Latest Deals put all offers together in one tidy package from books to fashion and beauty. Everything in the high street stores and online retailers like Amazon is just a click away.

Browsing the beauty section I actually found a link to test products for Noughty Haircare. Their products are 100% vegan and I’ve heard so many good things about them. I signed up to do this as I would love to try them. You can find the link here.

There’s something for everyone on the site but the beauty section caught my eye. It’s a mix of vegan and non-vegan brands just like you see on the high street/online but it makes finding the latest deals easier. You can find some great cruelty free and vegan offers on the beauty page.

My favourite offers:

These super cute brushes look so much more expensive than they are and I love the Beauty & The Beast style. Disney fans will love these brushes!

I love these cute led mirrors. They’re really handy for the months to come with darker mornings. Such a great price + free gift (brush cleaner)!

Beauty Blenders are great and this set has them in a few sizes so you can do your whole face perfectly. The little blender is great for the nose and eye area. Such a bargain and a must for any mua?and makeup junkie.

Check out the Latest Deals & snag yourself a bargain. Treat Yo Self!

*I believe in full transparency so wanted to let you guys know this is a sponsored post, but this in no way biases my opinion of the brand. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you check them out.

Let me know what you think in the comments or tweet?me?@veganbabelife

Thanks for reading!

Finding The Latest Deals: Beauty

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(8) Comments

  1. jennyrose says:

    This is such a good idea for a blog post, perfect for people like me who are terrible at finding deals…
    jenny x |

    1. Siobhan Llinos Gale says:

      Thank you! I think it?s great for beauty bloggers in particular ?x

  2. nowheretobeproject says:

    I adore the Beauty and the Beast brushes! They look so expensive…cannot believe how affordable they are!?????

    1. Siobhan Llinos Gale says:

      They?re nice aren?t they. So cheap! I couldn?t believe it. ?Amazon are pretty great

      1. nowheretobeproject says:

        Amazon is such a dangerous addiction?

        1. Siobhan Llinos Gale says:

          Ha tell me about it! I buy so much from there. It?s too easy to just make a few clicks and you?ve got everything you could ever want delivered to your door.

  3. Amie??? (@acurvyvegan) says:

    I’ve never used a beauty blender before! I personally love the Superdrug own brand ones!

    Love, Amie ?
    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. Siobhan Llinos Gale says:

      They?re the og. They?re so good! Yeah I used that one too.

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