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Diary – 23.05.17

Diary - 23.05.17

Diary – 23.05.17

I couldn’t think of what to call this entry. It’s more like a diary entry I guess. I am feeling some kind of way today… Last nights tragedy in Manchester has left me under a dark cloud. Reading about each person that was killed is heartbreaking. Children murdered so needlessly in the country which I live and generally feel safe(ish) has left me deeply saddened. This and the apparent suicide of Chris Cornell (Soundgarden & Audioslave) recently has really left me in an emotional limbo as of late. Some people may think it odd to feel so much empathy and sadness for people you’ve never met but I can’t explain it.. and I know a lot of people probably get it and feel the same. The victims of last nights attack were young and had their whole life ahead of them.. they were INNOCENT. I’m so sorry for their friends and family. This is so wrong and I weep for humanity. Chris is an artist I’ve long admired and got to know through his music, the life he lived and things he accomplished. The alleged cause of death is also what struck a nerve with me as I’ve lost 2 people in my life this way and I know the aftermath it causes as well as the state of mind. None of this feels good and this world is in need of some major healing. I know many tragedies occur every day as well as our own battles and personal tragedies. We all just need to do better.. that is all I know right now. DC159846-977E-48B3-ABB6-3433EEEC6924

Please be good & kind to each other

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Diary - 23.05.17

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