Capricorn: This Weeks Horoscope

I’ve been super busy lately so missed last weeks horoscope post. So here it is for this week and I hope you guys love it.


Capricorn sign

Element: Earth
Color: Brown, Black
Day: Saturday
Compatibility: TaurusCancer
Lucky Numbers: 4, 8, 13, 22

December 22 – January 19


Capricorn Career

Capricorns set high standards for themselves but their honesty, dedication and perseverance will lead them to their goals. Concentrated and resourceful, they don’t mind long hours and commit to the final product completely.


Let’s see what’s been happening for us Caps this week…

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I really loved Ellie’s video this week as I feel that even though I did take a little bit of a break some good opportunities and exposure did come my way. I love when the moon is in Capricorn!


This weekend I have been back at it hard and I feel really good about some contacts I’ve made lately. This month as most of you know I was in Vegan Food & Living. Then I got interviewed by the amazing LDN Vegans.. and I’ve had some brands reach out and had some great packages which is awesome. All these things lead to opportunities and connections.. so you should try not to feel disheartened Capricorns. We will have everything we want because we work for it and know what we want.



This week meant good things for us and that we should keep at it and not give up. The moon in our sign means good for us and that an extra push goes a long way this week. This week is all about productivity.

This fills me with happiness and excitement for whats to come next week and I hope things will continue to be great and positive for us. We are very hardworking signs and sometimes don’t know when to take a break or giving ourselves a hard time. It’s great when you know that hard work is paying off.


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I hope you enjoyed this post.

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9 thoughts on “Capricorn: This Weeks Horoscope

    1. Thank you! I wanted to do it every week but I’ve missed a few. Must pick it up again this week. ?

    1. Aww thank you. Me too! It feels great ?When you work really hard and a lot of the time you aren’t paid for it it can be difficult and discouraging at times. I do too! Yes it’s the best! I wish everyone could just be happy for each other and give support. I haven’t really come across jealousy from others yet but I’m sure it’ll rear it’s ugly head at some point.. which is a shame.

  1. I love how positive you are about it all! Sounds like you’ve been working hard for it too. Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s obviously working 🙂
    Alys x

    1. Thanks Alys. I try to be positive.. I certainly do have my moments where I’m not so sure. I know I put in a lot of work all the time so it can be frustrating if I don’t get the results I want. We’re an impatient sign too ha.
      Thanks for reading! ?

      1. I think everyone has those moments, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much <3 Haha patience is sometimes difficult x

        1. Yeah exactly. Ha not a strong suit of mine.. But my hard work has been paying off so just gotta hold onto that. X

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