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Brighton Named UK’s Best Vegan City

Brighton Named UK's Best Vegan City
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Brighton Named UK’s Best Vegan City

Is Brighton the best city to be a vegan? Well according to Mojo Mortgages the answer is yes. I also think it’s pretty great but hey I’m a little biased aren’t I.

When you think of great vegan cities places like London and Glasgow probably spring to mind. While Glasgow makes the cut along with Bristol, Manchester and some others, London doesn’t make the list this time.

Most lists like these look at crime rates and house prices but when looking at lifestyle elements like restaurants and museums Brighton seems to come out on top. The city is like a miniature London and we’re always trying to be better by adding more restaurants and attractions to boost tourism.

Brighton Named UK's Best Vegan City
Image: Visit Brighton

Brighton is the best place to live if you’re a vegan in the UK. It has the most vegan restaurants in the UK (outside of London), as well as some of the best vegan food festivals in the country. In a close second is Newcastle, followed by two vegan favourites: Bristol and Manchester. London doesn’t make its way into the top 10, due to its enormous population – despite having over 100 vegan restaurants in the city.

Mojo Mortgages
Brighton Named UK's Best Vegan City

If you’re a vegan, Brighton is definitely the best place for you to live. It has more vegan restaurants than any other city in the UK (apart from the Capital), and with a relatively small population, it means there’s plenty of vegan food to go around.

Along with favourites of mine like Purezza (pictured below) and Green Kitchen, there are vegan festivals that Brighton hosts each year. In second place, we see Newcastle, closely followed by two staple vegan favourites: Bristol, and Manchester. The Allotment in Manchester was named as the vegetarian restaurant of the year by The Times. Source: Mojo

Brighton Named UK's Best Vegan City
Image: Trip Advisor

A lot of eateries that started in london have started to set up shop in Brighton now as the City is becoming quite a landmark in its own right. You get all the nice elements of London here without the overwhelming population and less crime. We are a great city full of culture, diversity, sports, music & everything in between. Have I convinced you to move here yet?

If you haven’t even visited Brighton and checked out all that we have to offer I urge you to immediately. ‘London by the sea’ sounds pretty great right now, doesn’t it.

Brighton Named UK's Best Vegan City
Image: Fourth Street

Of the 270,000 people living in Brighton, a good percentage are vegan and more are converting or becoming ‘flexitarians’ every day. We hold the Vegfest and Viva festivals for vegans each year as well as other smaller festivals and events which are always packed.

*Vegfest celebrates 10 years since its inception this year and Brighton Vegfest is on this month. March 23rd – 24th 2019 @ Brighton Centre – 11am – 6pm (Sat), 10am – 5pm (Sun)

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you visit my lovely city.

Let me know what you think in the comments or tweet me @veganbabelife

Thanks for reading!

Brighton Named UK's Best Vegan City

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