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Book Review: Reader, I Married Me

Book Review: Reader, I Married Me
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Book Review: Reader, I Married Me

This is my first book review and it’s honestly astonishing if I like a book that wasn’t written like 100 years ago. Now I love to read but I find not much grips me these days, which as a writer people might find odd. Sophie Tanner’s book however was one I couldn’t put down.

Reader, I Married Me by Sophie Tanner, published 2019 by Trapeze Books.

“After breaking up with the love of her life, Chloe’s friends tell her she needs to get back out there and find another man before it’s too late. But after a particularly disastrous date and one too many Gins, Chloe has a revelation – she doesn’t need a man to make her happy. It’s up to her to do it herself”.

About The Author

Book Review: Reader, I Married Me

Sophie Tanner: Writer, PR, content consultant and Sologamist. You can follow her on Instagram @TheSologamist or check out her website Sophie lives in Kemptown, Brighton, with her Labrador, Ella.

“I am eternally curious about human behaviour and have a strong interest in literature, music and theatre. I’ve always been an avid reader; I absolutely love to curl up with a book. I’m so delighted to see my first novel Reader, I Married Me published by Trapeze. It is a cheeky, light-heartedly subversive tale about a girl who decides to marry herself. I strongly believe that all good relationships begin with the self and that self-love should be celebrated. And, reader, I did actually marry myself – in a cultural ceremony in Brighton in 2015!”

I have been on a journey of my own self discovery for a few years now so reading this book and feeling like it was telling some of my own story really meant something. I really connected with the character Chloe Usher aka Sophie Tanner and knew a lot of her pain and frustrations.

Once you get past the anger you feel you have to decide what do you do now. Some people choose to remain bitter, some people go from one meaningless relationship to another and the truly brilliant ones decide to marry themselves.

Sophie had this idea and just ran with it, and she bloody did it, she married herself! Despite peoples criticisms and not understanding her she did what she wanted. She writes this beautifully in the book and talks of how life wronged her and then her journey of self-love and acceptance. This a great book for women scorned and those just celebrating single life (like me).

The book is fantastically written with witty banter and clever metaphors in spades. It comes at a time when self-care and love are being spoken about more and maybe at a point where people are more accepting and actually ready for this book. It’s set in my beautiful city of Brighton, a place where we embrace the weird and wonderful and the probably only place you could get away with marrying yourself & not looking like a complete loon.

Sophie is so ahead of her time and shows us what normal should be. Why is it a step too far for some to marry yourself when you can marry another no matter their gender or age in some cultures. What is crazy to one person is totally normal to another. As soon as I heard a woman had married herself, I thought how absolutely fantastic!

I discussed this topic with some people I know and they thought it was ‘crazy and going too far’, no it’s not and I think they’re strange for thinking that. Why shouldn’t we express self-love in this way? Sophie Tanner thinks we should give Sologomy a change and I am all bloody for it!

The book is incredibly funny, easy to read and a fresh twist on modern relationships and life. In my mind, it’s the girl power ending we deserved in Bridget Jones, instead of the typical ‘happily ever after’ which involved a man! Snore…

We are our own heroins and we must save ourselves. Also, Ant is a prick.

Read the book! It’s really great! It’s available on Amazon in Kindle format (£1.99) atm but due to be released in paperback (£8.99) on May 16th.

*Not being paid to say that. I did receive a free digital copy of the book but this in no way biases my opinion. This is an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you check them out.

Let me know what you think in the comments or tweet me @veganbabelife

Thanks for reading!

Book Review: Reader, I Married Me

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