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Bodyforms #BloodNormal Campaign

Bodyforms #BloodNormal Campaign
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Bodyforms #BloodNormal Campaign

Bodyform decided to get rid of the stigma around periods and the use of blue liquid in advertising campaigns that are a complete misrepresentation of periods. This false advertising which we’ve always known only reaffirms embarrassment and shame, these things should have no place in magazines or television. Young girls especially should feel confident and completely normal during their time of the month and regarding periods in general. Have you seen the new Bodyform advert? It’s hard to forget, in a good way. If you haven’t seen the ad already then check it out here ^ The ad is so powerful and I love its message! I don’t find it gross or too much, it’s just enough. It gets the point across very well and the message is very clear. Blood is normal, we don’t bleed blue and never have. Let’s break the silence around periods and pave the way for growth and change in the industry and in peoples mindsets.
Bodyforms #BloodNormal Campaign
Image: Bodyform
[otw_shortcode_quote border=”bordered” border_style=”dotted” color_class=”otw-pink-text” color=”#ff0da6″]Periods are a natural part of life, so why are they rarely given any screen time? Surely hiding something so normal only adds to the shame and embarrassment many women feel when it comes to their periods. Let?s be open about it. By bringing blood out of the dark, onto our screens and into the conversation we?re paving a positive path for women of the future. After all, shouldn?t period-talk be as normal as periods themselves? – Bodyform[/otw_shortcode_quote] Images: Gemma Correll x Bodyform   Young girls should see the realities and have no fear when it comes to periods. Getting your period for the first time can be scary and hard enough without feeling any kind of shame or embarrassment. Remember the film, Carrie? We don’t want that kind of fear & ignorance, people should be educated. All women should feel confident & unashamed. Bodyforms #BloodNormal Campaign To some the thought of swimming on your period and buying sanitary products is daunting. The release of this ad is huge and I think it will change people. Seeing a girl in a swimming pool and a boyfriend buying his girlfriend Bodyform and being served by a male cashier, these are all very real things that happen and each person should feel confident in what they’re doing.
Bodyforms #BloodNormal Campaign
Image: Bodyform
This isn’t 1940 we don’t need the kind of censorship associated with periods, a natural function attributed to womanhood. I want girls to grow up feeling as free & confident to speak about this as I do. This advert is inspiring, empowering and a sign of great change. I hope others will follow suit and ditch the ridiculous blue liquid propaganda.


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I don’t have children but I have a niece and I want her to grow up in a world where she can feel normal and confident. It’s so important for peoples well-being and mental health that issues such as these are given as much exposure as possible. I couldn’t be prouder to work on this campaign and think the ad is incredibly thought-provoking.

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Bodyform is getting real and shedding light on the realities of our suffering each month and empowering people across the globe to take a stand. Where do you stand on the issue? On the side of red blood & fempowerment or on the side of blue blood & shame? Bodyforms #BloodNormal Campaign
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*This is a sponsored post with Bodyform but all views and opinions are my own. I received no payment for this post which biased my opinion, all views are my own honest feedback.


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