Capricorn: This Weeks Horoscope

I've been super busy lately so missed last weeks horoscope post. So here it is for this week and I hope you guys love it.   Capricorn sign Element: Earth Color: Brown, Black Day: Saturday Compatibility: Taurus, Cancer Lucky Numbers: 4, 8, 13, 22 December 22 - January 19   Capricorn Career Capricorns set high standards for themselves but their [...]

Tplus Tea: Review

Most people who know me know that I'm just a little bit obsessed with tea, I'm a typical Brit in that way. I also love health products, vitamins and supplements etc so have been a huge fan of tplus since they started. If you haven't tried their teas already you really should. They're colourful, delicious & good for [...]

Higher Nature: Products Review

Last year Higher Nature kindly gave me some products to try at their event and sent me some more afterwards. They gave me quite a few to try so I wanted a decent time frame to review them properly. I also wanted to try a wide range so I could get a real feel for all the [...]

This Weeks Horoscope

Last week I started talking about Horoscopes as this is something I'm interested in and pay attention to as a spiritual person. I think I'm a totally typical Capricorn and I feel like Ellie Rose really gets me. I'm a Capricorn, which belongs to the element: earth, the is the last sign in a trio [...]

Time To Talk Day: Start A Dialogue

I'm laying in bed on this Thursday afternoon thinking about how motivation and getting up every day has escaped me of late. As bad as it feels at times it also feels comfortable and is my 'happy place'. I can surround myself with food, books, a charger and my iPhone giving me everything I could [...]


Most people who know me well know that I'm not a religious person but class myself as spiritual. I love tarot cards, horoscopes and all that kind of stuff. This is not something I talk about enough and share so I would like to change that this year. I've been thinking about what's in the stars for [...]

First Impressions: Nutribuddy Breakfast

I was really excited to try the Nutribuddy Breakfast as it looks and sounds great. I love how simple it is to make and the look of their products are so me. My order included a 14 day supply of the Nutribuddy Breakfast (vanilla) in its lovely glass jar, a scoop & shaker bottle. Everything [...]

Lentil, Quinoa & Pumpkin Cottage Pie

I made this recipe when I didn't have much in the house and was trying to decide what to have for dinner. I've been experimenting with lentils a lot lately so thought I could make a pie. I didn't have any potatoes or pastry in the house and was trying to think what I could [...]

Skin Elixir Frankincense Moisturiser

Shona at Skin Elixir kindly sent me some of their 15ml Organic Frankincense & May Chang Moisturiser to try and review. "This moisturiser is super hydrating and ideal as a lip balm, after sun for dry skin patches." I needed a new moisturiser and the cold weather had given my poor dry skin a beating so [...]

Date & Ginger Pud With Caramel Sauce

I posted this saucy date pudding on my Instagram recently and said I would put up the recipe. So here it is! I find that people love sweet things just as much as I do so I really want to expand the dessert part of my recipe index. This recipe was inspired by the coop foods [...]