About Me

My story

Hi, I’m Siobhan aka Vegan Babe Life, I’m 27 years old and live in Brighton, England. I’m an award winning blogger, freelance writer, recipe developer & brand ambassador. I review products, restaurants, write about what I get up to and create yummy recipes.

I started this blog in May 2017 as a hobby and to spread the vegan message. I didn’t expect others to enjoy it so much and people actually wanting to pay me to write. My blog just took off and soon I was lucky enough to write for my favourite vegan magazine Vegan Food & Living. 

I hope you love what you see and I look forward to seeing how my blog looks in another year.


Top ten things I can’t live without

Spotify: My random playlists of metal & fleetwood mac
Animals: Pugs are my fav
My iPhone: For blog pics & social media
Netflix: Need to binge watch my fav shows
My bed: I love sleep so much. 10+hrs plz
Black clothes: all different shades. The blacker the better
Incense: I love my home to smell all lovely and it’s always gross and a mess.
Tea: green, black, white, fruity, herby – gimme it allllllll
Wifi: I am so crabby when I don’t have it and can’t work!