Siobhan Llinos Gale if we’re being very formal. I’m a 26-year-old vegan from Shoreham by sea, England. I’m the founder, editor & content creator of Vegan Babe Life. I blog & also do freelance writing work with publications like Fuzzable magazine, brands, and other bloggers. (You check out my articles for Fuzz here.)

I was diagnosed with Chronic Depression & Anxiety in 2009 and have taken medication ever since. They think that other stuff is possibly going on too like BPD or bipolar but I haven’t been diagnosed with anything else yet. I’ve seen a ton of Drs including clinical psychiatrists, had tons of counselling, CBT and tablets etc but now I just do my best on my own to manage things. Some days, weeks or even months are easier than others. I’ve lost people close to me that suffered and took an overdose a few years ago after I lost someone, things were just really difficult at that point in my life. I pride myself on talking openly about this now to help others survive and find ways to cope.

I have other physical health conditions too like PCOS and other gynaecological issues which have been difficult to treat and diagnose. So that has just been a quest and lots of endless surgery, treatment and meds for 7 years. That’s been really difficult and meant I haven’t been able to live my life to the fullest. I’ve lost many jobs with the time off for surgery etc which has been an adjustment, but I think I’ve found now that self-employment/freelance work suits me best to be able to look after myself, be happy-ish and fulfil my many goals.

But it’s not all serious doom and gloom stuff! I started this blog with the aim of writing mostly about food and my vegan lifestyle which also incorporates things I love (beauty, clothes and cosmetics etc), health stuff (mental & physical stuff) then the freelance writing stuff came later. I’ve always loved writing and it was something I was great at when I was at school, college & university. But it’s something I feel like I’ve kind of fallen into & loved, and other people have loved.

I’m a huge foodie and have a lot of fun as a vegan trying different things and recipes. I would love to work with more brands and expand on this in the future. I’m a typical Brit also and love tea, I probably own like 100 varieties and have many favourites.

A few things I cannot live without

Tea, vegan meat & cheese, tofu, chocolate

music (Trivium, Children of Bodom, Metallica… SO MANY!!)

concealer & powder foundation, SPF 50, multivits

cosy blankets, my Tofu press, black clothes, piercings, tattoos, baths

oils, candles, Autumn/ Winter

Spotify, Netflix, Twitter, Instagram

MEMES, WiFi, my computer, my iPhone 7 Plus

My friends


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