Siobhan Gale

I’m Siobhan aka Vegan Babe Life, I’m 27 years old and live in Brighton, UK although I’m welsh born (From Bangor, N. Wales). I’m an award winning blogger/freelance writer, recipe developer & brand ambassador. I review products, restaurants, write about what I get up to and create yummy recipes.

I started this blog in May ’17 as a hobby and to spread the vegan message when I started my vegan journey including skincare, clothing etc but my journey to veganism started in 2015 where I was slowly cutting things out. I had some hurdles like most but it’s the best decision I ever made, I only wish I had done it sooner.


I was diagnosed with chronic depression in 2009 and I’ve had to take medication and manage it ever since. I survived a suicide attempt in 2015 and it’s definitely changed me.. i’m a huge advocate for mental health and fully support organisations like mind who do vital work.

I also have PCOS so struggle with my weight which veganism helps with. I like to write about that and issues surrounding fem health like periods.

 You can read more about me in this piece I wrote for Vegan Food & Living