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A Very Vegan Weekend Pt 1

A Very Vegan Weekend Pt 1
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A Very Vegan Weekend Pt 1

Sunday-Brighton Viva Vegan Festival

My vegan friends Ben & Helen came down the weekend of the 7th & the 8th October for the Brighton Viva Vegan Festival which was a perfect time for us to hang out and eat some great food in the city. Me & Ben got to know each other on twitter as he’s a vegan blogger too and we had been to the same event earlier in the year. You see my post on the CA Prune Blogging event >> here. A Very Vegan Weekend Pt 1 I usually choose one day of an event to attend, I tend to go on a Sunday because it’s quieter. So I went to Brighton Viva Vegan Festival on the 8th (Sunday) and looked around for a while then met up with Ben & his fiance Helen when they had finished helping out at the festival. The festival was small & very food oriented (not a complaint. I LOVE food), it just wasn’t what I expected. Not really any big names there it was more about the small brands. I got to see a lot of brands that I hadn’t seen or tried before, which is great. The only 2 that I knew were Eden & Mr. Organic.
A Very Vegan Weekend Pt 1
Mr Organic
I didn’t feel very well at the start didn’t want food at all.. but that soon changed when I feasted my eye on the food hall. I was excited about the food and trying lots of nice new things. We decided to have a hot dog, cake, and candyfloss for lunch. I’ve never been so full in my life! We skipped dinner – too full and everything on Sunday closed early. I got loads of goodies including bits from Viva La Vegan, Rosina Makes, Dollop &  Scoff, Green Tea Artisan, Balanced Nature, Quinoa Crack, The Toasted Seed Company, Mei’s Homemade, Mr Organic, Shea me, Eden Perfumes Maggie Anne Beauty. *I didn’t take a haul pic this time around but ill put up bits on social media & I’ll be doing a beauty post which will showcase the beauty bits I got. So stay tuned.
*Massive thanks to Viva for all the amazing work that you do & for hosting such great events for us vegans.  Vdogs, Vegan Sweet Tooth & Naughty Floss for feeding me at the festival, Your food was amazing & I’m definitely a lifelong fan! I appreciate it. 🙂


After the festival, the 3 of us just went down to the beach and talked for hours. The sun soon set and before we knew it it was 10 pm. The sunset was gorgeous and was nice to have a chat and get to know Ben & Helen better. I’m glad my circle of vegan friends is growing as I don’t actually have many vegan friends that I see in person. You can read Ben’s (Vegan Blogger 78) blog >> here. You can read Helen’s blog >> here. A Very Vegan Weekend Pt 1 A Very Vegan Weekend Pt 1               A Very Vegan Weekend Pt 1               The long weekend wasn’t over, (just the festival) Ben & Helen were heading back home on Monday night so we said our goodbyes and arranged to meet at Purezza the next day for lunch/dinner. To be continued…

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(4) Comments

  1. Ms Via says:

    Looks like you had a nice time. I have been a vegetarian right from my childhood. We don’t even eat eggs. But we do have milk. I see so many vegan options here. 🙂

    1. Siobhan Llinos Gale says:

      Yeah I absolutely love going to vegan events. That’s good 🙂 Wish I could say the same. There’s lot of great options – it’s so easy to go vegan now.

  2. Savana says:

    Its amazing how many options are available now for vegans.. you write beautifully.. lovely vegan blog

    1. Siobhan Llinos Gale says:

      It really is! I try to share that more with people if they aren?t sure where to go and just to show people how easy it actually is. I don?t feel like I?ve had to give up anything.
      Thank you so so much. I can?t think of a bigger compliment.. ???? Thank you! Xxx

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