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A Taste Of Italy: The New Oumph Pizza

Tray of the new italian Oumph Pizza
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A Taste Of Italy: The New Oumph Pizza

I was invited to a tasting event for the new Oumph pizza last month where we all got to try the new pizza before it launched in Tesco. The event took place in London at the ultra cute Benk + Bo in Gravel Lane. Trays of pizza were served along with some lovely canapes and a wide selection of beverages.

The event celebrated another launch with Tesco to add to the ever-growing vegan food selection. Oumph now has 5 products in Tesco stores (including the new Oumph pizza) with more to come in the future I’m sure. The success of Oumph in Tesco stores has been phenomenal. The mock meats with their delicious flavour and versatility along with clean minimal ingredients have proven to be very popular amongst consumers.

A Taste Of Italy: The New Oumph Pizza
Image: Benk + Bo

The delicious pizza which is made in Italy to add to the authenticity of the Italian style pizza. Adorned with tomatoes that taste really fresh as if straight from the vine, Violife cheese and of course pieces of herby Oumph.

We believe in food that makes it watery in your mouth. Food that inspires, but also food that is simple, and easy to cook. Oumph! is all this.

Food For Progress

They served lovely canapes with the new Oumph! Salty and smokey which were really delicious. (Bruschetta type things with baba ganoush, oumph salty and smokey and pomegranate & mini poppadoms topped with oumph, mango chutney and coriander).

I must’ve eaten like a million of the little poppadom bites, they were like little flavour explosions, so tasty. The Oumph chefs are incredible and I could eat this well every day.

I love the fusion of skandi & Italian flavours that make this Oumph pizza really incredible and definitely worth eating. The combination of the two really works and they’ve created something that will rival other frozen pizzas, meat ones included.

It’s not stingy on toppings like some pizzas on the market and is priced at a very affordable £3.99. A perfect mid-week or weekend treat if you don’t fancy going to pizza express or Zizzi for your pizza fix.

If you haven’t tried it yet you should definitely pop down to Tesco and check it out or why not add one to your online delivery. Check out the entire Oumph! range at Tesco including the new Oumph pizza & salty and smokey here.

They even sent us home with a goodie bag at the end of the night so we could cook up some Oumph at home.

Thank you so much for having me Oumph I had a lovely time and hope to see you guys again soon!

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A Taste Of Italy: The New Oumph Pizza

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(10) Comments

  1. Mikaela says:

    This pizza tastes amazing but is impossible to prepare in an oven that doesn’t have a fan. I’ve tried several times now to heat it in an electric oven (that doesn’t have a fan): using the instructions on the pack, putting the frozen pizza in for the preheating too etc. They all came out burnt at the edge and still frozen in the middle (yes, I placed it on the grid, not on a tray). I will sadly not be buying this pizza again because I simply can not prepare it. I think you need a fan oven, and the packet should state this so that people won’t waste money on 3+ pizzas without having even one come out well.

    1. Siobhan Llinos Gale says:

      Oh no!! I have a fan oven so have never had that problem. I will feed this back to oumph and see what they say. I’m pretty sure when they first cooked it for me for pre launch they didn’t use a fan oven..
      Its so delicious so I’m gutted for you. So sorry you’ve had that experience.

  2. jennyrose says:

    Love the photo of the event venue so much, was so pretty! I haven’t been to Tesco since we tried the pizza, but I neeeed to!
    jenny x |

    1. Siobhan Llinos Gale says:

      It’s beautiful isn’t it. I love it there. I have once but need to go again. So good 😋x

  3. Sanna says:

    I looooove Oumph and I am so pleased it has finally arrived in the UK… (having previously enjoyed it in Finland when visiting family) – now wishing Oatly would release a larger range of their nordic produce here too…little by little 🙂 Looks like a great night, I got an invite too but just can’t get over from Scotland just for an event 🙁

    1. Siobhan Llinos Gale says:

      Same here! It’s been doing so well this year. I tried it ages ago as well so it’s nice for the rest of the uk to be able to try it and love it too. Yes! Oatly have such a great range, I’ve seen it. Fingers crossed it’ll come over soon! 😄It was lovely as usual. They know how to do events for sure. Totally understandable.. I can’t always go to everything I’m invited to either.

  4. Amie🎆♍️ (@acurvyvegan) says:

    I’ve only just tried Oumph and I loved it!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. Siobhan Llinos Gale says:

      Oh yay I’m so glad. It’s brilliant isn’t it! It doesn’t contain loads of ingredients and is really clean. It amazes me how it tastes so good. You should definitely give the pizza a try!

  5. Lyd says:

    Getting invited to test pizza has got to be a blogging dream, right?! I love that Oumph don’t take the boring route or copy other products, they are a completely new item of their own and the pizza sounds like it fits that bill perfectly. I’m excited to see the brand growing.


    1. Siobhan Llinos Gale says:

      I feel blessed to have done it 3 times I think now this year. Foodie heaven for sure! 😄Me too! I love how their values and ideals fit so closely with my own. They don’t promote heavily as vegan because they see it as good for everyone, like wicked kitchen does. It’s been really great to be part of their growth and to see how well they’ve done in the uk since they first launched. They have 12 products in Sweden so I would love to get more here. Slowly slowly getting there. Thanks for reading gurl! 💖✌🏻

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