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Pret Style Mango Chia Pot


Pret Style Mango Chia Pot

I really love Prets easy and delicious breakfast pots. I often get the acai one with almond butter or the mango chia pot. They’re great for on the go and really yummy.

Mine isn’t made exactly like Prets because no pomegranate but you could always add some with the blueberries which would be really good. I always blended up the mango to make it different from prets and I like the variation.

Pret Style Mango Chia Pot

Making up batches of these types of sweet treats for the week is something I need to do more of. This time of year I find myself eating more smoothie bowls, yoghurt and fruit (so do a lot of people I imagine).

I used this to make 2 pots but I need to get smaller jars and make bigger batches. So handy when you’re lazy af (me) and really busy (also me). It’s a really tasty and simple recipe that requires NO COOKING. So if you’re not Betty Crocker I got your back!

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Pret Style Mango Chia Pot

Mango Chia Pot
A healthy pot of goodness perfect for breakfast or as a sweet snack
Mango Chia Pot
A healthy pot of goodness perfect for breakfast or as a sweet snack
Servings Prep Time
4servings 5minutes
Passive Time
Servings Prep Time
4servings 5minutes
Passive Time
Vanilla Almond Chia Pudding
  • 8tbsp chia seeds
  • 500ml almond milk
  • 2tsp maple syrup
  • 4tbsp plain yoghurt
  • 2tsp vanilla extract
  • 1whole mango
  • 4handfulls blueberries
  • 4tbsp dessicated coconut
Chia Pudding
  1. e chia seeds, syrup and yoghurt in a jar/bowl then add the milk.
  2. Stir and put a lid or cover on the mixture then place in the fridge for 6-8 hours to set and become jelly like. Overnight while you sleep works perfectly.
  1. Cut up 1 mango and blend until smooth in a blender. Place in the fridge until pudding is ready.
  1. Remove chia pudding and mango puree from the fridge.
  2. Using 4 jars ( I used 2 250ml kilner jars for being puddings) or whatever containers you wish add equal ammounts of the chia pudding to each.
  3. Top each pudding with the mango puree, blueberries and coconut.
  4. Enjoy!
Recipe Notes

Inspired by Prets breakfast pots particularly the Mango Chia Pot which I love. Pret Mango Chia Pot: Dairy-free coconut yoghurt with chia seeds, diced mango, pomegranate seeds and a dash of apple juice.

*I used Alpro?milk + yoghurt - you can use whatever varieties you wish. Coconut milk and yoghurt would be really nice too.


(21) Comments

  1. Freya says:

    Pret do the breakfast pots so would be great to try and recreate it at home! The recipe sounds so delicious!! Can’t wait to try it out!

    1. Siobhan Llinos Gale says:

      Yes I absolutely love them! I must make an acai one next ?I think that one is my favourite. Aww thank you so much Freya. I hope you?ll try and would love to see your creation ?xx

  2. JustaKidd says:

    I lurveeeeee chia seed pudding it’s one of my absolute faves, will defiantly try this recipe out (but without the coconut ?). Love all your recipe posts! ?

    Lon x

    1. Siobhan Llinos Gale says:

      Me too gal! You should! Oh not a coconut fan? Well there?s so many lovely toppings. Raspberries would be nice too. Aww thank you. Never get bored of hearing that! ??xx

  3. Diana Haddad says:

    Ugh Pret-A-Manger is my all time favorite! I just came back from London (on my blog) and I lost count of how many times I ate there. I wish we had more of them on the West Coast!

    Diana |

    1. Siobhan Llinos Gale says:

      My too! It?s fantastic isn?t it. Yeah I eat there quite a bit and get inspiration from them. Hope you enjoyed the recipe! ??xx

  4. bakeydoesntbake says:

    Oooh girl, this looks fancy as hell! Yum yum yum!

    1. Siobhan Llinos Gale says:

      Naww thanks so much. I love that people are saying that ?Quick & easy too! ??

      1. bakeydoesntbake says:

        Will have to try it out. Do love me some chia seeds!! ?

        1. Siobhan Llinos Gale says:

          Definitely! Would love to see your pudding ?Ha that sounded a bit wrong.. ????

          1. bakeydoesntbake says:

            Hahahhaha ?? ya do make me chuckle!

  5. Sanna Vegancruiser says:

    This looks so good! I only had my first chia pudding in May when we had pre-cruise breakfast in barcelona. i was gonna have the vegan croissant but they were sold out so ended up w a chia pud. I’m still a little terrified of them… need simple recipes 🙂

    1. Siobhan Llinos Gale says:

      Aww thank you Sanna. Yeah I didn?t get on with the texture and appearance at first but i love them now. Well this is a super simple recipe of chuck it all in a bowl and put it in the fridge. ???

  6. helensnowdon says:

    I love making chia puddings. They are so easy and you can be so creative. This reminds me that I need to buy more chia seeds as they are so good for you and a good egg replacement.

    1. Siobhan Llinos Gale says:

      Me too! Think I?m gonna make another batch ?Absolutely! Yeah they?re fab aren?t they. I buy milled ones as well.

  7. jennyrose says:

    Damnn I’ve never had a chia pot before but this looks delicious. Perfect for the heat wave we’re having too!!
    jenny x |

    1. Siobhan Llinos Gale says:

      WHAT! No way!! The texture is not always something people like and it took me a while to get used to tbh. When I first went vegan I was sure about it but I love it now. I like to have things with it to make it interesting.. not a massive fan of the plain stuff. Yes exactly! I?m eating so much of things like this because it?s just so bloody hot ??x

  8. Amie??? (@acurvyvegan) says:

    I absolutely love chia pots, they’re my favourite and so easy to make!

    Love, Amie ?
    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. Siobhan Llinos Gale says:

      Me too! Definitely gonna have to put my chocolate one up soon. They are. I need to do more easy, quick recipes because I think that fits with peoples lifestyles these days. Thanks for reading hun! ?xx

  9. nowheretobeproject says:

    Guess what I?m doing today? Gathering the ingredients to make these for breakfast tomorrow!!! They sound delicious and they look fancy, which I love?????

    1. Siobhan Llinos Gale says:

      Aww thanks so much Dana! I love that I usually have the bits in to make chia pudding which is great as they make fab breakfasts. Aww yay I hope you enjoy them! Would love to see pics of you enjoying these for breakfast. ??xx

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